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26th June
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BCS Overland Park News Reports on 2014 First Quarter GDP and Jobs

Stocks went up despite the alarming news that the GDP was down by 2.9% for the First Quarter of 2014.  Yet, according to Sal Guatieri, a well-respected macro economist of BMO Capital we are far from a recession.


So, how about the job market?  What is the outlook for jobs with such bad economic news?

According to the professionals at BCS, the Leawood Kansas career firm (near Overland Park) the job market is also far from a “job” recession.  “The weather was the main culprit of the lackluster economy in Q1, affecting retails sales, restaurant sales, car lots and even the housing market,” says BCS.  “This was true across the country, and especially true for the Kansas City Metro area.”  They went on to reports that the harsh winter also slowed shipping abroad and domestically causing exports to plunge, major influences on the GDP.


According to BCS, “The job market will be largely unaffected by this because businesses recover from this temporary kind of economic glitch.  Some employees took a bit of hit due to slower business, store and car lot closings, but the jobs remain and the employees have long since returned.”


The economy overall added 1.1 million jobs since January, due in no small part to the improvement in the economy since March.   The Kansas City job market is stable.


BCS is professional career services organization located in Leawood Kansas.  They provide direction and career resources to managers, executives and professionals in the Kansas City area.


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