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5th August
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BCS Overland Park Reports on the July 2014 Jobs Report


The July 2014 Jobs Report fell short of expectations, but BCS near Overland Park Kansas says that there is still plenty of opportunity for career professionals who know how to look for a job in today’s market.



The new jobs report shows a weaker than expected gain in new jobs for the nation. According to the executive career professionals at BCS in Leawood Kansas the outlook is not so much down, as it is stagnant.


“The economy is showing signs of strengthening,” says BCS, “but the job market has been slow to respond.


Part of the economic growth reports are due to the quantitative easing that is bolstering the stock market, but the housing market and other economic indicators are showing promise as well. In a down market the job seeker must incorporate different methods, outside of the traditional job boards and trade journals.


Finding a job is not the same today as it was 20 years ago, with one big exception; the ability to cultivate a properly developed network. This is a more critical part of a job search than ever. So where are the jobs? According to BCS, “job seekers that follow a well-designed, aggressive marketing plan that includes multiple avenues of search works best.” They find that their clients are landing jobs by demonstrating a skills match through their marketing efforts; and by increasing the job seekers network of potential employers.


“Finding a management position through the traditional channels of online job boards is very difficult for top talent, as the best jobs are often not advertised, or are created for the job seeker before they are ever made available through any traditional channels,” according to BCS Overland Park spokesperson.



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